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Since early 2011 Solide Webservices helps individuals and small companies developing and setting up their websites. The services provided range from website maintenance to developing a fully functional website or setting up and launching complex webshops. Next to these personalised services Solide Webservices offers several Magento extensions for sale through the webshop.


Quality over quantity but for a reasonable price!
The strength of Solide Webservices is the personal service and focus on achieving the most optimal result. Don’t expect any 24-hour turnkey services here. With each request the requirements of the customer are carefully evaluated and together with the customer a tailormade solution will be developed. This process may take up more time but results in the fact that you as customer get actual value for your money. And even with this personal approach Solide Webservices is able to keep the costs at a competitive level.

The person behind Solide Webservices

There is only one man behind Solide Webservices, a dutch fellow named Jelger Haanstra. “At the end of 2010 I decided to start this business as a logical evolution of my own interest in webdevelopment. Various request from people around me to set up their websites resulted in starting this business. Solide Webservices is a business I run next to my regular job at a goverment institute but I’m constantly working on updating my knowledge on webdevelopment which enables me to use the latest techniques and incorportate the latest standards.”

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