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Below you will find the answers to the most common questions. If your question isn’t answered here feel free to contact Solide Webservices through the contact form.


Yes. Solide Webservices specializes in the development of Magento webshops and WordPress websites / blogs. I can help you realise your ideas following a step-by-step development process. Please contact us for further details and receive a free quotation.
Yes. Solide Webservices already does a lot of maintenance work for clients and therefore has much experience with a variety of content management systems. If you want to make changes to your website / webshop or add new functionality I can help you out this. Please contact us for further details and receive a free quotation.

Each job is different and Solide Webservices follows a personal approach so I can’t give you a standard price. After contacting Solide Webservices with your request and all the details have been filled in you will receive a free quotation, no strings attached. Based on this quotation you can decide whether or not you want to make use of my services. The hourly rate that Solide Webservices uses to calculate a quotation is € 40,- ex VAT/BTW.

Extensions and plugins

The extensions of Solide Webservices are distributed under either the Open Source License v3.0 or the The BSD 3-Clause License. You will find the full license agreement in your download package. Both licenses grants you full permission to edit the code to fit your needs.

When purchasing a single domain license you are granted the use of the extension or plugin on this domain only and does not allow any form of redistribution of the extension. A developer license however has no restriction whatsoever and can be used on unlimited domains and also allows the rebranding and reselling of the extension or plugin as part of your own projects.

Solide Webservices gives full support free of charge on the extensions and plugins bought in the webshop. If you have encountered an issue that cant be solved with the provided documentation please report this and Solide Webservices will fix it for you. Solide Webservices can not give free support for issues related to your own specific theme or installation. In this case you can buy a Installation Support Package and Solide Webservices can help you out with that.

I do not offer refunds as I usually help my clients with the installation and provide suggestions for modifications in case any are needed. In the case of complex themes, conflicting extensions or simply a lack of know-how, I recommend my customers add the “Extension Installation” option during checkout, which allows for us to make the corresponding adjustments.

All prices can be found in the webshop. These are the prices as is when buying a standalone extension. I offer discounts in case Solide Webservices develops the webshop and a customer request the functionality of one of our extensions.

You will be able to download the extension you bought from your account page on this website as soon as you have finished the payment. The download link will be send to you right after the order is completed.

Please send a URL to your site through the contact form and we will evaluate your theme CSS and HTML structure to determine if the theme is compatible.

All of the extensions come with a manual containing an installation and user guide. I assume that if you are going to perform the installation and customization yourself, you have some technical knowledge. Manuals can also be found online here:

You can choose an installation option during the checkout for any of the extensions and plugins. If you didnt add the installation option when you purchased the extension or you would like to have me install an extension of another developer, you can pay for an Installation Support Package and Solide Webservices can help you out. If you think there is a conflict between extensions, please contact Solide Webservices first.

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