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Your privacy is important to Solide Webservices. This privacy statement explains what personal data Solide Webservices collects from you and how that data is used.

Personal data

Some personal data is collected during the checkout process from the webshop in this website. This data needs that needs to be provided during checkout includes name, email address, physical address and telephone number. Solide Webservices collects some anonymous data by recording how you interact with our website using technologies like cookies and visitor analytics and by receiving error reports.

How We Use Personal Data

The personal data collected during the checkout process is used to send you personalized emails concerning your order, for instance containing a download links to the products bought. You can optionally sign up for a newsletter, in case you choose to do so your name and email address might be used to send out newsletter. Any anonymous data collected during visits to our website might be used to improve the user experience of the website.

How to Access & Control Your Personal Data

You can view, edit, or delete your some personal data online through your account here on Solide Webservices. If you wish to be completely forgotten, including any previous orders you have made, please you the contact form and select the “Right to be forgotten option” and let us know the email address which you registered with. Any anonymous data collected during visits will be automatically erased within 6 months.

Product Specific Details

None the the following extensions gather any personal data, either from you as buyer of these products or from any of your clients when using these extensions on your website.

  • Flexslider v1.x and Flexslider v2.x
  • Product Image Enhancements v1.x and Product Image Enhancements v2.x
  • Custom Success Page v1.x and Custom Success Page v2.x
  • Custom Option Description v1.x and Custom Option Description v2.x

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