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Custom Option Description v2.x

This extension adds a description field to custom product options which allows you to add extra information about the custom option.


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Supported Magento versions

2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Demo Frontend

Demo Backend

Demo Backend ( username: customoptiondescription)


Magento allows you to add custom options for your products. This is great functionality which for instance allows for a more personalized shopping experience or the ability to upsell other products or services. Often these custom options are self-explanatory but there are times when you want to briefly describe to your customers what a custom option is all about. This is where this extension comes in. After installing this extension an extra field will be added to every custom option allowing you to add a description for each custom option. You can use plain HTML to style your descriptions which are then shown below the actual custom option in the product view.

Support and warranty

Solide Webservices does not offer refunds as I usually help my clients with the installation and provide suggestions for modifications in case any are needed. If for some reason the extension will not work on your installation even with my support you will receive a full refund. Support questions are usually answered within 2 working days.

Latest version - 2017-12-28

  • NEW: rewrite from Magento v1.x version


  • Add descriptions to any custom option
  • Lightweight
  • HTML support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Easy to use
  • Well documented


Single domain license allows you to install the extension on a single domain including all subdomains. Developer license allows you to install the extension on unlimited domains. It also allows you to rebrand the extension and integrate it in your own commercial products like Magento themes.
Please fill in the live domain where you will be installing the extension. You are allowed to install the extension on any development domain. Please fill in the domain of your agency in case of a development license.
If you select "Yes" here Solide Webservices will install the extension for you. You will be contacted for further details. This option is recommended if you have a heavily modified theme with high risks of javascript conflicts.
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