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Flexslider v2.x


Create unlimited image and video sliders for your webshop with the fully responsive Flexslider® from WooThemes. Sliders can be added to any page, category, product page or static block, in fact pretty much anywhere you like.


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Supported Magento versions

2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Demo Frontend

Demo Backend

( username: flexslider )

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Flexslider v2.x by Solide Webservices is one of the few fully responsive image slider for Magento v2.x that can be easily managed from the backend. It allows you to add unlimited image and video sliders on any page, category, product page or static block of your choice. This extension uses one of the best responsive slider in the market, the Flexslider2® from WooThemes. Check out the demo and see for yourself.

Support and warranty

Solide Webservices does not offer refunds as I usually help my clients with the installation and provide suggestions for modifications in case any are needed. If for some reason the extension will not work on your installation even with my support you will receive a full refund. Support questions are usually answered within 2 working days.

Latest version - 2021-04-11

  • IMPROVEMENT: support for Magento 2.4.x


  • Easy to install and manage
  • Unlimited image and video (Youtube and Vimeo) slides
  • Add slides to unlimited slide groups, even add slides to multiple groups
  • Uses one of the best responsive slider available, the Flexslider2® from WooThemes
  • Delivers a smaller image based on the viewport (for smartphones and tables) to ensure fast loading on slow connections like 3G – uses the Picturefill implementation of the picture HTML5 element
  • Configure each slider with it’s own theme, styles and layout
  • Configure each slider with it’s own transition effects
  • Schedule slider groups or slides to show on specific periodes
  • Add a loader (progressbar) to a slider group
  • Add HTML captions to each seperate slide with customizable styling and positioning per slide
  • Add a link to each seperate image
  • Use external image hoster for off site images if wanted
  • Add sliders anywhere you like (any page, category, product page, static block or predefined position like the shopping cart)
  • Use template tags or XML Layout Updates and be even more flexibel on where to add sliders
  • Multistore support, add sliders to specific stores
  • Well documented


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