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The development of a website or webshop doesn’t end after the initial launch. Solide Webservices provides functional and technical support for all kinds of maintenance work on your existing website. Also the migration to another content management system, move to another webhosting or expand your website with additional functionality can be taken care of by Solide Webservices.

Webhosting and Domains

You can ask Solide Webservices anything related to webhosting and domain names. I can advice you on fitting solutions. Solide Webservices offers hosting trough its own virtual private server or can support in setting up hosting on any other prefered hosting company.

Adding Functionality

Development of a website never ends. If you wish to add additional functionality to your website contact Solide Webservices with your requiremens and you will be given a quote for a fitting solution. After confirmation Solide Webservices will take care of all the work and add the functionality as required.

Content Migration

If for any reason you decide to migrate your content to a different content management system you can contact Solide Webservices with the details. You will be given a quote and if accepted Solide Webservices will do all the work for you.

Switch hosting

Moving to another webhost with little to no downtime of the website can be quite a challenge. Solide Webservices can guide you through the process. Together we will create a plan which will keep the downtime to a minimum.

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